Getting the Best Technical Support

First Steps if you are having a problem in FrameForge:

  1. Update to the latest version following instructions here and see if the problem has been solved by any updates it installs.
  2. If not, then go to our online knowledgeable, available 24/7 which contains answers, tricks and tips and a wealth of information about using FrameForge.
  3. If you cannot find an answer to your question/issue on this site,then next, verify if the problem is specific to a single file or if it happens in a brand new file.  Once you've determined that,
  4. Send an email to which contains a screenshot of any error message you are seeing, along with a detailed "recipe" how to reproduce the problem.  In other words, something like the following (hypothetical) instructions:
  • I open the program by double clicking the program icon.
  • I then open my file by going to the File Menu and selecting it from the list of recent files.
  • When I try to drag in a chair it gives me the following message (Screen Shot) and I am unable to continue. This happens regardless as to which chair I select, though I can drag in other objects without problem.
  1. If the issue is specific to a given file, then also send us the file in question along with a cpack of non-standard objects and textures.  Read here for more details.  if the file is very large (and they easily can be) please use a file sharing service like (which is free)

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