What Happened to FrameForge Stereo 3D?

Rather than sell FrameForge Stereo3D as a completely separate version, we changed the Stereo3D components to a FrameForge expansion pack. In order to use the  Stereo 3D expansion pack , you must purchase or already use the Professional Edition of FrameForge, though otherwise its functionality is unchanged.

If you already own and use FrameForge Stereo3D, there have been no changes to the functionality or requirements. If you have additional questions, please contact us below.

The Award-Winning Stereo Expansion Pack adds the following features:

Features Core Professional Professional with Stereo 3D Add-On

3D Rigs - both mirror rigs and side-by-side rigs, all of which can be fully customized to exactly match the exact ranges / functioning of your real rig


Work Real-Time in Stereo 3D on virtually any projector or monitor. Supports anaglyph, side-by-side, checkerboard, interlaced, quad-buffered / page-flipped along with optional output to HD-SDI


Real-Time Multi-Rig Setups where one rig supplies the background and another one supplies the foreground


Auto-Rig Option which will set your rig parameters for you based on your allowable divergence, position of screen plane and distance to farthest object on set


Can Target any Screen Size from a smart phone to the largest IMAX, and everywhere in between


Customizable Stereo Rigs (Side-by-Side & Beam Splitter) allow you to easily match the capabilities and limitations of the rig(s) you•ll be using.    

Shoot Converged or Parallel with Post Image Shift and the program will automatically change its reports to either angulation, screen percent or pixel offset as desired.    

Export Movies in Common Stereo Formats (left/right, top/bottom, anaglyph, and separate left & right movie streams)    

Stereo Verifier will scan a frame for all visible objects and report the minimum and maximum distances, their parallax and on-screen image offset.    

Automatic Edge Violation warnings report any edge violations including where in the frame the violation is, and how much into negative space the cut-off object protrudes


Dynamic Display of Screen Plane and Far Distance Line on Blueprint View (Far Distance Line is the distance beyond which an object will have a divergent screen offset).    

Can Work in a Non-Stereo Mode to "rough out shots" and then go back and fine tune the stereo in a separate pass.    

One Key Switching between stereo and non-stereo display or the Live View and a Full-Screen Stereo View for image checking.    

Option to Print Anaglyph Storyboards  for on-set stereo viewing or 2D Storyboards as desired    

Find any Object's Parallax and on-screen left/right offset (in both percentage and physical distance) just by clicking    
Auto-Calculate the Angulation (Convergence), Image Shift or Interaxial Distance to get the desired parallax at any given distance... assuming it's optically possible    

Report All Camera and Stereo Meta data along with each shot or exported as a Shot List in either RTF Table Format or Tab Delimited (for import into Microsoft Excel or virtually any database)    

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