How do the FrameForge Editions Compare?

FrameForge Storyboard Studio

Functionality Core Edition Professional Edition
(with Stereo 3D
Premium Edition with all Expansion Packs
adds the following:

Characters (four ethnicities, adults can be aged anywhere between 20 to 60 years old, can be made fatter; men can be made "buff", women can be made "busty" or "pregnant")

32 Adults 
(with fully redesigned clothing & hair)
32 All New Teenagers
8 Children •  4 Babies
250+ new adult actors in five ethnicities (Asian, Black, Caucasian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern) created from photos of real people.

Clothing & Hair Options for Adults & Teenagers

18 hairstyles in 10 hair colors
Over 5,000 different clothing combinations and 27MB of Clothing Textures & Decals
250+ new themed and ethnic costumes with hundreds of options and over 450MB of additional textures & Decals

Animal Actors, all of which can be fully posed and are all capable of animal appropriate facial expressions

Domestic Animals:
3 Cats, 2 Dogs, 8 Horses & 2 Sheep

Wild Animals:
Bear, Wolf and Deer & Elk (in both male & female)

Domestic Animals:
Camel, Cow, Bull and Calf

Wild Animals:

Pre-Built Sets

8 Interior & Exterior Sets

67 additional interior and exterior fully dressed sets

World-Ready Objects that know how to interact with one another




over 600 additional major objects + 250 ancillary ones (like surgical tools, lock picks, and other small objects)

How do the FrameForge Editions Compare?

Selected Feature List Comparison

Features Core Professional PRO + Stereo 3D Add-On

Virtual Film Studio in which you can fully explore your vision as if you were on set or location

Optically Accurate Virtual Cameras can match the capabilities of any camera and lens package

Data-Rich Storyboards show your cast and crew not only what the shot is, but also all the camera information needed to get it

Print & Export your story•boards in virtually any layout including having an optional overhead blueprint view

General Scene Lighting with shadows and manual control over sun position and scene/key light brightness

Visual Room Builder lets you to create sets simply by drawing them and its Auto-Sizing Floors and Ceilings lets you give any room its own floor or ceiling regardless of its shape

Automatic Room Layout Adjustments  Resize a dressed room in Room Builder and the set dressing will automatically shift to maintain their relative positions in the room

True Angles & Perspective let you see exactly what your camera will on set -- no forced perspective here!

Intuitive Control Room with drag'n'drop simplicity lets you focus on your work, not on the program

Fully Posable Actors with Real Facial Expressions  and hundreds of pre-built poses and relationships

World-Ready Objects• know how to interact with the actors, for example drag an actor into a chair and they'll sit, or drag a cup to the actor and they'll pick it up

Object Customization all FrameForge objects function like their real-world counterparts: doors open, drawers slide, colors can change and images applied, plus most have additional optional parts you can hide or show as desired

Visual Shot Manager lets you organize, annotate and preview your shots with ease, and its collapsible shot list makes managing tweens and large sets of frames simple and efficient

Powerful "Tweening"  lets you generate full animations from only a few frames and actors will automatically Walk, Jog or Run from one place to another depending on how far it is and how much time they have to get there

HumanTouch• Tweening adds a subtle but substantive acceleration and deceleration to actor's tweened movement which makes them look a lot more natural and less robotic.

Multiple Rendering Options lets you choose exactly how you want your images to look, from realistic to cartoon, pen & ink and more.

Auto HTML Generation with auto-generated links lets you present your storyboards to anyone you like on the web

Export Shots and Movies at any resolution up to full HD

Unique Control Ball interface lets you control virtually everything with a single click or click/drag

Virtual Characters allow you to create a distinct look for all of your characters then make them available for easy access in your object library 

Script Importing lets you bring in scripts formatted in virtually any program, including Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter•, Celtx• and more

Script Lining and Shot Association lets you create a "pre-lined script" for coverage analysis and aid in planning shooting order

Decals lets you apply images with trans­parencies such as blood splatter, wounds, scars, insignia, t-shirt logos etc. onto virtually any object or body part

Image Importing means that you can use any images you want for backgrounds, textures or decals, no matter where it comes from.

Auto Panorama Creation lets you take any panoramic image and create a circular panaorama to use as a location or setting

Object Importing lets you take any well designed 3D object stored in VRML, FBX or Sketchup 6 format and convert it to a true FrameForge Object, including hinges and sliders in VRML and rigged skeletons in FBX

Snap-In Windows and Doors lets you switch out a door or window to a more specific one just by dragging it to the wall

Features Core Professional PRO + Stereo 3D Add-On

Physical Cameras & Industry Standard Grip Equipment lets you plan your shoot down to the last dolly track and tripod.  And the equipment "knows" how they all work together so that putting a head on a jib arm is as easy as dragging them together


Multiple Camera Types on Set allow you to have several different types of camera (HD, Super 16, etc.) all on the set at the same time


Focal Primes allows you to limit any camera on set to any set of Prime Lenses, supplying quite a number of pre-built standard prime sets with the capability to define your own... each different cameras can have different prime sets


Camera Equipment Collision Detection in addition to being able to see if your camera equipment will fit in any given place, the collision warnings alert you when cameras, jibs or dollies collide with any object on the set  

Auto-Generated Equipment Reports can list all the physical camera equipment you have on the set for each shot.  

Auto-Snap Dolly Tracks with automatic Dolly Tracking lets you simply drag a dolly onto tracks and it will take care of following them automatically.  

Multiple Light Sources that combine in both intensity and color as per real lights with individual control of each light's color, brightness, and angle of spread


Lighting Instruments including Physical Production Instruments, Floating Virtual Lights (both omni-directional and spotlights) along with a variety of Practical Lights including lamps, flames, car headlights and more


Central Lighting Mixer gives you full control of all you lighting in one place, lettting you change the brightness, color, shadow hardness and angle of spread of any individual light.


Real-Time Overlapping Shadows from multiple light sources


Intelligent Tweening Checks will prevent you from tweening specific equipment in ways that cannot be performed on set, such as tweening a crane shot when the camera's on a tripod.  

Ground Glass & Ground Glass Designer allows you to work as if you were literally looking through your camera with the option to print the ground glass if desired  

Built-In World Map of Longitude & Latitudes with automatic Daylight Savings Time Calculations for over 41,000 cities worldwide allows you to place your set at the geographic location where you'll be shooting and have the sun track automatically.  

Auto-calculation of the Sun's Position based on the location of your shoot anywhere in the world, and your specified date & time including reports of Sunrise, Midday & Sunset times for any location at any date


Fog/Air Transparency allows you to control the look of the air on the set including the fog's thickness, its accumulation, height and color


Storyboard & Shooting Frame Orders -- because films aren't shot in script/storyboard order, you can now create a "parallel" shooting order that contains only those shots you want it to, and which coexists with your storyboard order -- and when you print or export you can choose which of the two orders you want to use


Full Screen Workspace on Second Monitor if you have two monitors, you can have one of them show the live, full screen fully manipulatable frame view without any controls other than slide-in camera controls as needed


Live Green Screen Compositing using either another virtual camera as a source or using a backdrop or composited background, including automatic optional foreground / source camera synching and visual background calibration


Depth of Field Rendering using optically accurate circle of confusion rather than the common (but inaccurate) parallax blurring method


True Mirrored Reflections let you setup shots with mirrors using their actual reflections


Features Core Professional PRO+Stereo 3D Add-On

3D Rigs - both mirror rigs and side-by-side rigs, all of which can be fully customized to exactly match the exact ranges / functioning of your real rig


Work Real-Time in Stereo 3D on virtually any projector or monitor. Supports anaglyph, side-by-side, checkerboard, interlaced, quad-buffered / page-flipped along with optional output to HD-SDI


Real-Time Multi-Rig Setups where one rig supplies the background and another one supplies the foreground


Auto-Rig Option which will set your rig parameters for you based on your allowable divergence, position of screen plane and distance to farthest object on set


Can Target any Screen Size from a smart phone to the largest IMAX, and everywhere in between


Customizable Stereo Rigs (Side-by-Side & Beam Splitter) allow you to easily match the capabilities and limitations of the rig(s) you•ll be using.    

Shoot Converged or Parallel with Post Image Shift and the program will automatically change its reports to either angulation, screen percent or pixel offset as desired.    

Export Movies in Common Stereo Formats (left/right, top/bottom, anaglyph, and separate left & right movie streams)    

Stereo Verifier will scan a frame for all visible objects and report the minimum and maximum distances, their parallax and on-screen image offset.    

Automatic Edge Violation warnings report any edge violations including where in the frame the violation is, and how much into negative space the cut-off object protrudes


Dynamic Display of Screen Plane and Far Distance Line on Blueprint View (Far Distance Line is the distance beyond which an object will have a divergent screen offset).    

Can Work in a Non-Stereo Mode to "rough out shots" and then go back and fine tune the stereo in a separate pass.    

One Key Switching between stereo and non-stereo display or the Live View and a Full-Screen Stereo View for image checking.    

Option to Print Anaglyph Storyboards  for on-set stereo viewing or 2D Storyboards as desired    

Find any Object's Parallax and on-screen left/right offset (in both percentage and physical distance) just by clicking    
Auto-Calculate the Angulation (Convergence), Image Shift or Interaxial Distance to get the desired parallax at any given distance... assuming it's optically possible    

Report All Camera and Stereo Meta data along with each shot or exported as a Shot List in either RTF Table Format or Tab Delimited (for import into Microsoft Excel or virtually any database)    

VR/AR Functionality Coming! Will be a free update to licensed Stereo 3D users    


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