Room Builder -- fastest way to build sets

Room Builder is a special mode where you can construct everything from a single wall to a complete set of rooms, including doors and windows–and do it all the work by simply pointing, clicking and dragging.

Accessing Room Builder Mode

In order to access the Room Builder Mode, you need to start in the top-down Blueprint View.

If you’re not already in that view you can get to it by double-clicking on the small Blueprint View always visible in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Once you’re there you’ll see a pair of radio buttons to the right of the Live View, and as you’ve probably guessed, you should click the Room Builder Mode one.

In Room Builder Mode, the Live View expands from the Square Blueprint View to fill the entire screen and two panels appear, one on either side of it. The Left Room Builder Panel is the source of all your walls, windows, doors etc., along with functions that allow you to cut walls and/or delete walls, doors and windows.

The Right Room Builder Panel, on the other hand, allows you to control what’s visible in Room Builder along with functions to let you select a Floor Plan to work from.

Like the Blueprint View, the Room Builder utilizes a top-down perspective and you work in its Live View area using the additional functionalities offered by the Left and Right Panels.

The Left Room Builder panel

This Panel is split up into four section, each with a slightly different functionality.

Left Section of Room Builder Panel

Manipulate or Draw Walls Section

Click the first button to manipulate existing walls/doors or windows, or any of the other ones to “draw” straight or curved walls, rooms or hallways in Room Builder’s Live View.

Drag in Ceiling & Floor Section

This section contains auto-sizing ceilings and floors that you drag into an enclosed room of any shape, and they will automatically
fill its entire volume with either a floor or ceiling as appropriate and allow you to select a texture at the same time.

Drag onto Walls Section

This Section contains objects that only exist within a wall so you’ll need to have the wall in place before you can add them to your
set. Once your wall is in Room Builder, simply drag the desired opening directly onto the wall wherever you want them to go.

From left to right they are Window, Door, Double Door, Archway, Double Sliding Door, and Single Sliding Door.  To add any of these elements to your well, simply click on the object you want to add and drag it onto the wall where you want it to go.  Then resize or reorient as needed.

Press & then click on Wall Section

This section contains to are toggle buttons that engages functions to let you cut existing walls and/or delete existing doors, windows etc. To use, simply click on the desired button to depress it, then click on the wall you want to cut or the door or window you want to delete respectively.

The Right Room Builder Panel

Right Room Builder PanelRather than being a source of room objects, this panel controls the Room Builder’s display. 

It has five basic sections, each of which control a single element of the Room Builder’s display.

Mode Selection Section

This is where you go to Enter/Exit Room Builder Mode by pressing the appropriate Radio button.

Grid Options Section

The two check boxes here allow you to turn on/off the optional grid which shows squares in 1’ or 10cm sq. depending on the units you’ve selected in your Program Options (Win) or Preferences (Mac) dialog and specifies whether wall/room elements should snap to this grid.

The Floor Plan Section

Contains options to let you select a floor plan or architectural blueprint, then calibrate its size so it is true-to-scale in FrameForge. You can then can draw all the walls, doors, etc. directly on top of the Floor Plan, making it extremely easy to build an FrameForge set that exactly matches your real-world

Object & Floor Plan Display Settings Section

The options here allows you to choose what is being displayed in Room Builder Mode--which can be very helpful when working with a dressed set and drawing it on top of a Floor Plan or blueprint.

The first button will be enabled when you have selected objects on the set and allows you to make any of them "Honorary Walls," meaning that these objects will still display even when you have it set to only display walls.

Well Parameters Section

This last selection contains a bit of a multi-function button. The [SET WALL PARAMETERS] button allows you to set wall parameters such as height, paint color or wallpaper, door and window types and more. 

If you have selected walls when you click this button, it will apply any values you set to just those selected walls or all of them on the set, 

if you do NOT have any walls selected when you click, it will apply any values you set to all new walls on this set.

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