Exporting Video Animation

To export some or all of your shots as a video, do the following:

  1. Go to the FILE Menu
  3. In the dialogue that appears, select the desired EXPORT FORMAT (labeled A in the image below)
  4. Choose your export size (labeled B in the image below)
  5. SELECT the desired sequences / shots that you want to export (labeled C in the image below). 

    NOTE: if you are exporting everything you can skip this step
  6. Press EXPORT ALL SHOTS or EXPORT SELECTED SHOTS as appropriate.
  7. Give it a name in the dialogue that appears, press SAVE and it will generate and then offer to display your video.

NOTE: You can define specific delay durations for each shot in the Shot Manager.  This value will automatically be set for most tweens, and if you do not explicitly set it, then it will use the default delay duration defined in the Program Options / Preferences dialogue (default is1 second) (found under the TOOLS menu, on the page Slide Show / Shot Manager.

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