How to import relationships

  1. Select the 'Relationships' menu, then select Import Relationships
  2. ind the file you wish to import, which should have a ".relation' extension.  Select it and then click [Open].
  3. An 'Import Relationships' dialog box pops up.  A list of importable relationships for that object will appear on the left.  A list of existing relationships owned by the base object appears to the right.
  4. Use the mouse to select various relationships, and the arrow buttons in the center to add or remove relationships from the current list of relationships on the right.  The single arrow > will move only the selected relationships from the list on the left, the double arrow >> will move all of them.
  5. If you are importing a relationship that has the same name as a relationship that already exists, you will be asked if you want to rename the new relationship to some other unique name.
  6. If on the other hand, what you really want to do is replace the existing relationship then you will have to first remove the one you want to replace from the list on the right and then drag over the new one.
  7. When ready, click [OK].
  8. If you removed any current relationships, you will be warned about whether or not to proceed with permanently deleting them.  Click [Yes], [No] or [Cancel] as desired.

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