Tweening Between Only Two Key Frames

The number of Key Frames you should create before generating Tweens depends on the complexity of your set and the amount of movement going on between one object relative to another (or to itself, if it's hinged) during the duration of a shot. Sometimes you need to create only two Key Frames and then Tween those. Here's how to create this simplest of Tweens:

  1. Set up your two key shot(s) and snap the two Key Frames.
  2. In the Preview area, click the [Previous Frame button] so your two key frames are both visible in the Preview panel. Underneath the "Append Frame" box is a Tween button. If two tweenable frames are displayed, this button is enabled.
  3. Click the [Tween] button in the Preview area.
  4. The Create Tween Frames dialog appears.


  1. Click Tools > Storyboard Shot Manager.
  2. Click the [Create Tweens] button.
  3. The Create Tween Frames dialog appears.

FIG III: Tween Frames Dialog

When Tweening between just two shots, the only options you’re likely to want to set in this dialog are:

  • The number of Tween frames to be generated;
  • A total duration for the Tweens; and
  • Whether dissolves or straight cuts should be used when Tween frames transition from one to another during playback of the animation.

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