Question: Can I use FrameForge to create animations?

Although FrameForge was designed to aid in project previsualization and not animation, it does provide a tool called "tweening" that allows you to create stop-motion animation without having to manually set up and snap each individual shot.

For example, let’s say you want to shoot a sequence showing a woman driving her car over a ramp and landing on the other side. Two shots--what we call "key frames"--will represent the beginning and end of this sequence. The first Key Frame might be of the woman driving toward the ramp and the second of the woman driving away on the other side of the ramp. But that’s not an animation. For an animation, you need to include some in-between frames that depict the car (and the camera, if appropriate) moving between the setup in Key Frame 1 and the setup in Key Frame 2. Those additional frames are "tweens."

Rather than forcing you to set up and snapping each of those tween frames individually, FrameForge can generate them automatically, saving you a lot of time and effort. You can generate as few or as many tweens as you want; you can view them in as a "slide show" in FrameForge; you can export them as a Quicktime animation if you wish...and more.

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