Help! I created a bunch of Tweens but they don't show my objects in motion between Key Frames!

A simple and easy to implement solution is available. 

  1. Restore the first Key Frame to the Live View, select the object and copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Return to the Shot Manager and restore the second Key Frame to the Live View.
  3. Paste the object you copied in the first Key Frame into the shot.
  4. You should have 2 objects of the same type in the shot now.  Select them both so that they both display the yellow selection glow.
  5. Using the Objects drop-down menu, select the Swap Object Position function.
  6. The objects will exchange positions and you can now delete the extra object that is in the unwanted position (from  the first Key Frame)
  7. Go back to the Shot Manager, delete the existing Tweens and recreate them using the Create Tweens function.  The Tweens should now reflect the objects transition from the first Key Frame to the second.

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