Sources of Light in FrameForge

Question:  What kinds of light sources are available in FrameForge? Can I emulate sunlight, studio lights, ordinary lamps, etc.?

The light sources available to you in FrameForge depend on which version of FrameForge you own. The Pro and Stereo versions include four light sources: the  sunambient lightphysical lights, and fill light. The Core version includes ambient, fill, and sun lighting only. With that in mind, here are details about what each of these sources represents:

  • Ambient light -  the non-localized, diffuse glow that is almost always present in the world but does not cast noticeable shadows.
  • Fill light - a per-camera lighting that is used to punch up the lighting for rendering purposes but does not cast light for other cameras.  
  • Sun Light - You can manually position the sun pretty much anywhere in the sky, adjust its relative brightness and color, 

NOTE: The following only applies to the Pro and Stereo Version of FrameForge.

In addition to the manual control of the sun's position with the pro or stereo version of FrameForge you can define the geographical location of any set, along with the date and time of day and FrameForge will automatically position the sun for you to accurately match its true position at that locale at that time and date.

Physical lights are both 3D objects and light sources and are placed on your set just like any other object, and there are three kinds of physical lights:

  • Free-floating "virtual lights" meant to be used a lighting source without having to deal with the actual practicalities of using placing a lighting fixture.
  • Lighting Fixtures or Lighting Instruments - functional 3D lighting objects such as spotlights, hanging lights, etc.; these are visible to cameras (although they’re not typically meant to show up in shots), 

Both the free-floating and lighting fixtures lights can be found in the LIGHTS folder under the CAMERA EQUIPMENT category of the Object Library 

  • Practical lights are 3D objects with embedded lights, like table lamps that both provide illumination and are used as props on the set; i.e., they’re meant to be included in camera shots and they are scattered throughout the object library according to their most appropriate category.

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