Free-Floating Lights

Question:  How do I use a free-floating light source, which has no 3D object associated with it?

  1. Go into Blueprint View .
  2. In the Object Library , select the Props tab.
  3. Under "Camera Equipment," click the Lights header. Physical lighting objects appear in the Library.
  4. The "Freefloating omnidirectional light source" and the "Freefloating Directional (Spotlight) light source" are the two Floating Light sources. Drag the one you desire onto the set .
  5. The object’s "avatar" appears. For an omnidirectional light, the avatar is a ball; for the spotlight it’s a cone (with the wide end facing the direction the light is pointing).

NOTE:  Avatars do not accurately reflect the size or shape of the light itself; think of them as "handles" to help you manipulate the light source on set.

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