"Automatic" Sun Settings

If you have the PRO or better version of FrameForge, then you can specify where any set is in the world, what date your shoot is on and what time you expect to be shooting and it will give you sunrise & sunset information for that specific location on that specific day and will put the sun in the right position in the sky for any given time.

NOTE: If you are using this feature then the UP direction in the blueprint view is always considered NORTH and you should make sure to angle/rotate any sets you build appropriately.

Lighting Control PanelYou can set the geographical location of any set either in the NEW or EDIT SET PARAMETERS dialog (found on the SETS Menu) or you can set it from the Lighting Control Panel found by pressing the LIGHTS tab over the Object Library.  

On the Lighting Control Panel, you simply click the AUTO button found bottom right under the Lighting direction compass, it will ask you if you want to specify the set's geographical location or not, say YES and you'll see the a world map where you can select your target location either from the drop down menus or by simply clicking on the location on the map,


The Compass and Angle Over Horizon controls will be replaced by a clock and date button. Drag the clocks’ hands to change the time of day of the shot (being aware of AM/PM displayed on the clock face), then click the date to select the shot’s date.

You’ll also notice that the button that was originally [Auto] is now [Override]; click it to give you back complete manual control, which can be useful if you’re shooting on a sound stage or plan to simulate the direction of the sun with lighting fixtures.


Even if you haven't assigned a specific geographical location to your set, you can produce certain sunlight effects easily with this option. When checked, "Auto Sun Color & Brightness" ensures that the program will automatically adjust the Sun’s color and brightness settings (as well as the brightness of the ambient light) to conform to the Sun’s angle over the horizon. The closer to the horizon the sun is, the more dim and orange/red the light will be.

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