What are the differences between “Physical,” “Floating” and “Prop” cameras?

In the Core version of FrameForge, only two types of cameras are available: Floating and Prop.

Floating Camera is a virtual camera; that is, it provides you with a view of the set using whatever properties you define for that camera, but the camera itself does not appear on the set and is not visible to any other camera.

To place a Floating Camera on set, go into Blueprint View and double-click the spot where you wish to place the camera. A colored icon appears in that location, and a matching monitor becomes active in the Control Room . 

Prop Camera is the opposite: a stage dressing object that is visible on set but doesn’t actually shoot anything.

In the Pro/Stereo versions of FrameForge you also have access to Physical Cameras, which combine the attributes of both the other kinds: they allow you to snap shots based on the defined properties of the camera, and also appear on the set themselves--just like real cameras.

To place a Prop or Physical Camera on set, click the Props tab above the Object Library , then open the Camera Equipment category and click "Cameras." Drag the desired camera out of the Object Library and onto the set. The camera appears on-set in the Control Room, and an appropriately-color-coded monitor opens.

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