Applying a Decal to a floor or wall with a repeated texture

Decals are applied to the base texture of an object, so if you have an object like a wall or a floor where the texture is repeated, if you use the normal process of applying it to the texture via the green room, you'll end up with the decal repeating as well.

The solution is to this problem very easy, however,

  • Drag the sharp-edged cube from the building blocks/geometric shapes library folder (under the Props Tab) onto your set.
  • Bring it into the Green Room by double-clicking it.
  • if it's going on a wall then turn off all of its sides except the front; if it's going on a floor, remove all except its top.
  • On the remaining visible side, apply the decal as this face's texture NOT as a decal.  This way the you'll basically have a plane with the decal on it and the non-decal area will be transparent.
  • MAKE SURE to set the part's shininess to 0 or the transparent areas will show up as a foggy area due to reflections
  • Press OK to close the Green Room
  • Resize the object as needed to get the decal in the right aspect ratio, then move it into position
  • If it is on the floor then 
    • With it still selected, go to the OBJECT menu and choose Lock Object so you don't accidentally select it and move it 
  • If it is on a wall or other object, we recommend that you glue it to that object so if you move it the decal moves as well.

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