True Previsualization at the cost of a Storyboard Artist


Maybe you love the idea of FrameForge but just don't have the time or desire to learn the program, or perhaps you find the director < -- > storyboard artist connection inspires you to your best work and don't want to lose that relationship.


Whether you want to board an entire movie or just specific scenes, we have the skills and know-how to make it happen for you. 

Basically we recommend the process go a little differently than a normal storyboard artist would.

Step 1: You engage us, and we build the sets / locations in your script based on all the location scouting and set design information you have.
Note: Depending on the complexity of your project and the specificity you desire, there may be some additional costs If we have to create or acquire additional assets (such as building a SciFi set) or needing to use a specific model of car that we don't already have, though even when we did some work for Marvel Television, we were able to keep this to a real minimum.
Step 2: We send them to you for review and approval and you tell us what cameras and equipment you plan to be shooting with.
Step 3: Once they are approved, we setup a Zoom call with the director and DP (if possible) and live rough out the shots and framing in those sets for you.
Step 4: Depending on your budget and desires, we can then go off and tweak them and improve poses, and make some animations of camera moves etc.,
Step 5: We give you a delivery of the entire previz file with any additional objects or textures we needed to create your shots, in addition to giving you your boards in PDF format and or dynamically generated HTML and mp4 movie formats if appropriate. If you own a license to the program, you can then open the files yourself and make any additional adjustments or changes
Step 5: Low cost revisions are then available.

All pricing is on a per-hour basis, but is quite competitive with conventional storyboard artists and a real fraction of what traditional previsualization would cost you.  

Please contact for details on your project.

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