Deleting a SET from the list


When I go to delete a set, it tells me that it can't do it.



As the dialog box says, before you can delete a set, you must first delete all the shots that use it, as every shot requires an associated set--even though what they contain may be different due to you adding or delete set elements or other changes--so that the program can identify which shots are in the same scene.  

For example, in the following board, there are three sets, Planned Housing Community, forest, and backyard and the program uses whichever set the shots are in to group them into scenes (or sequences, depending on your choice of terminology).

You cannot delete forest, for example, as it has two shots located in it, and if you move on of the shots down as a cutaway from the backyard, for example, you'll see that it maintains the correct set designation.


Option 1

  1. Go into the Shot Manager and delete all the shots located in that set, making sure that the set name does not appear at all in the tree view shown above.
  2. Return to the Control Room and go to the SETS menu
  3. Choose GOTO SET and select the set you want to delete
  4. On the SETS Menu, choose DELETE CURRENT SET

Options 2

If want to remove a set but do NOT want to remove the shots that are located in it, then what you are probably looking for is the MERGE SETS function which allows you to tell the program that two differently named sets are in fact the same one.   To use this option:

  1. Go to the SETS Menu
  2. Choose GOTO SET and open the set you want to KEEP
  3. Go back to the SETS menu, and choose MERGE sets and select the set whose shots you want relocated to the currently open set.  It will ask if you if this is what you really want to do, and you should click YES if it is.

It will then relocated all the shots that were located in the selected set to the currently open one

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