Simulating a fluorescent tube

While FrameForge's lights are only spot lights and omni-directional point lights, you can simulate a glowing fluorescent tube (or anything else) by applying a glow color to it.

In the case of a fluorescent tube, you would do so by:

  1. Dragging a column onto the set from the Building Blocks/Columns category under the PROPS tab of the Object Library.
  2. Size it appropriate for your fluorescent tube
  3. Double-Click it to bring it into the Green Room
  4. Click the Colors, Textures & State tab 
  5. Choose TUBE for your part name
  6. Click the Part Color dropdown and select GLOW COLOR
  7. Select whatever color/shade you want it to glow with.  Typically this would be in the grey to white range but it could be any color, red (for a burner, for example) or yellow (for a demon's eyes or flame).
  8. Click APPLY and voila, your object now appears to glow (though it won't actually cast light unless you add an actual light source like a free floating light or spot-light).  

Here is an example of a fluorescent tube with a glow color applied and a hidden spot-light producing actual light.  Needless to say, a glow color is most effective in dim lighting.

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