Percolate Rerender Camera View

Innoventive Software announces new functionality for FrameForge Storyboard Studio 4 that lets users shoot existing sequences from different cameras. 

FrameForge storyboard artists can now percolate a new sequence of existing shots as rendered by a different camera using the Percolate Rerender from Current Camera function found under the Percolate Menu.  

In practical terms this means that a FrameForge user who has created a sequence of shots and tweens depicting motion of a camera and/or objects within a scene can re-render the existing scene in its entirety from the viewpoint/perspective of the a different camera. The newly percolated/created shots and tweens can be added to the beginning or end of the existing sequence OR they can replace the existing sequence of shots entirely. 

This is a great way to quickly, easily and non-destructively re-shoot existing scenes & sequences from different angles, perspectives and focal lengths without violating the integrity of the dressed set.  Prior to this functionality being released, users had to launch the Shot Manager, clone the existing key-frames, add new cameras and tween the new sequence. Now users only have to select a different camera (or add a new camera) to the set and launch the Percolate Rerender from Current Camera wizard functionality from the Percolate menu.  Re-use the fruits of your creativity instead of wasting time re-creating the work you've already done.  This feature is available now as of version 4.0.5 Build 22 for Windows and 4.0.9 for macOS in both the Pro and Core editions of FrameForge Storyboard Studio 4.

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