My antivirus program says one of your files is infected

99.9% of the time this is a "false positive" (meaning that the anti-virus program made a mistake) as we are dedicated to making sure our files are completely clean.

To know for sure whether your anti-virus product is right or not, upload the file to which will run the file against over 60 antivirus programs to give you a definitive answer to whether it is or is not infected.  For example, here's the type of report you'd expect to see.  If only a couple of programs flag it as infected, it is almost certainly a false positive, and you can safely tell your anti-virus to ignore it, though if it gives you an opportunity to upload it to them, you should so they can correct their algorithm.

If more than a couple say it's infected, please tell us, though even then it is likely to be a false positive unless all the major ones, such as avast, AVG, Kapersky and others say it is.  Though that has yet to happen and we work to make sure it won't...

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