Access Violations in Graphics Card (Windows)

FrameForge is a cutting-edge previsualization program that will use your graphics card to its utmost capability. This sometimes has the unfortunate tendency to find flaws in the graphic card’s driver that hadn’t previously affected your use of your computer.

If, while using FrameForge, you experience an access violation in module atioglxx.dll (ATI Cards) ornvoglnt.dll (nVidia Cards), or ig8icd32.dll  (integrated Intel Cards) or something similar sounding, it is almost certainly an issue with your graphics card’s driver and you will need to update that driver to resolve it.

If you are unfamiliar with how to update a graphics card, then you can either do a google search or try a dedicated site like which sells a special utility program to find and install the most up to-date drivers for al the hardware in your computer.

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