Mac Only: Error: Missing Necessary Files

If you get the following error, or something like it when trying to launch FrameForge, then something has happened to the installation that has broken the program.

What can Cause this Error:

  1. Important FrameForge files were deleted
    1. This is the most likely case and to resolve it, you should FULLY reinstall the program.  NOTE: Simply running WebGrab will not correct this.
  2. Hard Disk corruption has occurred, damaging required files.
    1. If reinstalling the program doesn't resolve the above error, or if it reoccurs, then most likely you are having some kind of hard disk issue that is making it impossible for FrameForge to reliably access certain files.
    2. In that case, follow Apple's instructions here to run their first aid disk utility, and then reinstall the program
  3. A Virus or other Malware is corrupting files
    1. If neither of the above solutions solve your problem, then you may have a virus or other malware that is attaching itself to FrameForge's necessary files and thus corrupting them.  We recommend that you run a deep scan using the anti-virus software of your choice.

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