Setting Camera Aspect Ratio

Selecting your Camera’s Parameters

In order for FrameForge Storyboard Studio to accurately reproduce the exact framing at any given focal length for the camera you are going to be using on set, you have to first identify what it is, and it is very important that you do this before you start snapping shots or the program will have to re-render them which can be a quite time consuming process.


  1. Go the CAMERAS Menu

You will be taken to a dialog which looks like the one below which contains well over a hundred camera and aspect ratio presets.

Select the film/frame size that you’re using, be it 35mm, Video Pro, HD Video or any of the other available formats from the drop-down on the top, then you select your aperture’s size/aspect ratio that you’ll see through the lens. Well over a hundred standard cameras are pre-defined here though if you have something very new and cutting edge, you can always directly enter the parameters of the camera using the CREATE NEW SIZE button. As always, see the Full Manual for more specifics if needed.  

Press OK when you’re done and you are now finally ready to start dressing your set.

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