I just saved a file and suddenly realized I overwrote something I wanted to keep!

Question:  I saved over an existing file... have I completely lost the old version?

Answer:  As long as you've only saved it only once, then no, you haven't lost anything.

Discussion:  Whenever FrameForge saves a file, if a file with that name already exists, it automatically changes the extension of the previous version to an extension other than previz and then saves the new file.  It does this so that if there is a problem saving the new file due to hard disk errors, insufficient space or a power failure or program error during the save, you will not have lost any of your old data. 

How to Restore the Previously Saved Version

Within FrameForge, Click the File Menu, choose Open... then on the file menu that appears to change the file type to Previously Saved Version and the file should appear.  Open it and then immediately save it with a new name!

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