Does FrameForge work with Movie Magic Screenwriter or Final Draft?

Question:  Does FrameForge work with either Movie Magic® Screenwriter ™ or Final Draft ®?

Discussion: Yes. You can import scripts from either of those programs (and virtually any other script writing package as well) and then use the script within FrameForge both to automatically create blank sets for each unique location, and so set up shot coverage in a manner similar to a script supervisor. 

To do this latter, you would import the script, then display it on-screen within FrameForge. You'd then select the text that the specific shot covers and click an associate button. 

The script will then be "lined" with a bar indicating the duration of the shot, allowing you to see exactly your planned coverage. Multiple shots can cover the same text so if you intend to shoot your scene in a master scene with insert shots, you can see all of that in your script at once. And when you're viewing the script if you put the mouse cursor over a shot bar, a small image of that shot will appear automatically.

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