How Many Objects Can I Place on a Set?

Question:  I want to imitate a location shot with a forest on it, or a big crowd scene. Is there a limit to how many trees/actors/etc. Can I place on my set?

Yes and no. While the ultimate limit on how complex a set can be is determined by your computer's overall processing power and speed, it's always possible to overdress a set. Try to keep in mind that whenever you manipulate cameras or objects on that set, each such movement requires FrameForge to redraw everything on the set. Therefore, if you load your set with every imaginable detail--untouched books on every shelf, unused phones and computers on every desk, every tree in the forest, and so on--you’ll pay for it not only in the time you spend both dressing the set, but also how long you have to wait for it to render.

That said, we realize you want your set to match your vision as closely as possible, which is why FrameForge offers a lot of options for maximizing set detail while minimizing processing speed—for example, using "background" trees or 2D texture background images rather than full 3D tree objects in a forest, "extra" actors instead of the fully-articulated versions for crowd scenes, etc.

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