How can I use a set that I created in another file?

Question:  I created some sets for one project and now I want to (re-)use them in another project.   How can I do that?

Answer:  Very easily.  As long as you want to use the set on the same Operating System (Mac/Windows) as the file was saved on you don't have to do anything special, otherwise, you will first need to Save it in a Cross-Platform Format.

How ToImport Sets from another FrameForge 3D Studio File or a Set Collection

  1. Click the Sets Menu
  2. Click Import Sets From... then Previz File/Set Collection
  3. Select Previsualization Project to Import From Dialog box appears and you should select the Previz file (or Set Collection) that you want to Import from.
  4. Set Importer dialog box appears, displaying the names of all the sets in that file.
  5. Use the controls to preview the sets if desired, to be sure you want to import that set.
  6. Check the box or boxes next to the name of each set you want to import.
  7. When ready, click the Import Selected Sets button.
  8. Once the sets are imported, you can load them by clicking on the Sets Menu, then clicking Go to Set and selecting the name of the one you want to load.

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