How can I import the sets from a script?

Question:   I have a script that I've written and it has a bunch of sets that I need to model in FrameForge 3D Studio.  Can I import the sets from the script?

Discussion:  You can import the list of unique locations into the GOTO SETS list, but all of these imported sets will be completely blank, the program will not build the locations automatically for you.

How To:  To import this list of unique locations, you need to first import the script at the end of which process it will ask you if it should make blank sets for each unique location.  Simply say yes at this point and it will create them for you.

If you said no during this import and later change your mind, then simply click on the SETS menu, choose IMPORT SETS FROM... then click LOCATIONS IN ASSOCIATED SCRIPT and it will create them for you.

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