How to stretch an object with the multi-throttle?

Question:  How to stretch an object with the multi-throttle?


  1. Select the object. Note the three buttons to the bottom-right of the scale multi-throttle: [W], [H} and [D].  These represent Width, Height, and Depth; by default, all three are selected (which scale the object).  Click the button or buttons representing the axes you do not want to change; the buttons pop up, unselecting them.  For example, to stretch the object straight up, you'd first unselect the [W} and [D] buttons.
  2. Place the mouse pointer over the Scale Multi-Throttle.  The dial divides into two buttons, each marked by a triangle pointer: one up, one down.
  3. Click the relevant arrow to make the object larger or smaller.  Ctrl/Command-click to decrease the amount of change.  For larger changes, click and hold the arrow to bring up the throttle button, then drag it in the desired direction to stretch the selected object.  The farther from the center you drag the button, the greater the change.

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