Free Position Mode

Free Positioning Mode is a special mode which is similar to the green room in that you can freely rotate and manipulate objects without the rest of the set being visible but it differs in that you can use it with more than one object allowing you to easily position/pose them in relationship to each other.

  1. On the set, select the objects you wish to bring into Free Positioning Mode, by using shift-click or a selection rectangle or the SELECT Tab above the object library.
  2. Right/control click any of the objects and from the pop-up menu that appears and select free positioning mode or Simply press CTRL+F (Windows) Command+F (Mac)
  3. The Free Positioning Mode screen opens. It looks a lot like the control room, expect that (1) only the live view monitor remains, (2) it displays only the selected objects and (3) there are several unique option buttons above it.

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