How can I select just the object I want?

Question:  I am trying to select an object by clicking on it but other objects around it are also being selected.  How can I select just one?

Discussion: FrameForge 3D Studio uses the idea of things being on top of one another when it calculates what is being selected when you click on something.  This is done so that if you click on a table, for example, then everything on the table is also selected so that if you move the table the things on it won't be left floating in thin air.  Because of this, when you click on an object, other objects which the program determines as being on top of (or embedded in) this object will also be selected.

Solution: There are two ways of explicitly selecting and de-selecting objects:

  1. Press and HOLD the SHIFT key when you click on an object to select it.  When you click on an unselected object while holding down the SHIFT key then ONLY that object will be selected, regardless as to what is on top of it.  Similarly, if you have inadvertently selected more objects than you want, you can press SHIFT and while holding it down, click on the object you want to DE-SELECT and it will de-select just that one object, leaving all others selected, again regardless of what's on top of what.
  2. Use the Select By Name Dialog to explicitly select and deselect objects by their names.

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