Why do my textures look pixelated when I apply them to objects in FrameForge?

What the program is doing is limiting the texture size within the real-time display (down-sampling them if needed) in order to speed up the rendering while you are working.  However, the textures should NOT be pixelated in the snapped and printed shots, only in the real-time display. There is, however, a program option/preference Store shots in Lower Resolution which if you have set, then you will see the textures in low resolution (pixelated) in the Shot Manager and if you print in draft mode.

As for export, again it depends on the settings. If you export "stored shot images", you'll get the same resolution as in the Shot Manager, but if you export "rendered shot images", you get to choose the resolution.

Finally, if you choose View Objects in Hi-Res on the Tools Menu, you will see textures in higher resolution in your real-time display though we don't recommend generally working in this mode as it has much higher demand on the program's resources and can slow things down.

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