How to create a decal for the current object

Question:  How to create an entirely new decal for the current object?  

  1. Using this tool requires some knowledge of and expertise in working with bitmap images.  Therefore, if you're not familiar with things like transparency layers, alpha channels, and saving images in various formats, you're better off searching the "Decals " forum on the community page of for what you want or having someone with graphics skills do the work for you.
  2. With the object displayed in the edit decals dialog, click [copy to clip board].
  3. Launch your favorite paint program and paste the copied image into a new blank document.
  4. Over this image, create the decal you have in mind. this is the point where it's important to know what you're doing, because you'll want to produce the decal image on a separate layer from the imported image, and apply an alpha or transparency label to ensure that only the decal image, and none of the surrounding space, gets saved as a decal.
  5. Save the object in PNG or GIF format (both of which support forms of transparencies) to the Decals folder inside the Textures folder.  You might also want to place a copy on the aforementioned Decals forum at so others can share your creativity.

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