How to Add A Panorama To The Object Library

Question:  How Can I Add A Panorama To The Object Library?

As you probably know, a panorama is a special image/object that is the functional equivalent of a 360-degree backdrop on a set; they’re best used as distant backgrounds. They can create the illusion of being on the beach or in a park, or show mountains or a castle in the distance, or whatever.

To Add a New Panorama Object from a panoramic image

  1. Click the File Menu.
  2. Click Import then  Panorama Image.
  3. A ‘Select Panorama’ file finding box pops up.
  4. Navigate to the folder which contains the desired Panorama image, select the one you want and click the [OPEN] button.
  5. A ‘Set Diameter’ pop-up box appears.
  6. If you know the diameter you want, set it and Click [Apply Diameter]; otherwise click [Unknown Diameter] and it will make an educated guess based on the image's size and aspect ratio.
  7. The new Panorama object that is created is added to the Panorama folder within the Objects Library Prop Tab.

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