How can I import an image and use it in the background so I can place actors & props in front of it?


The very best way to create a backdrop is by using the Live Backgrounds™ feature introduced in Version 4 which you can read about here.

VERSIONS 3.6 and before

  1. Run FrameForge if it's not already running.
  2. Drag in a Blank Wall (without windows or doors) from the Walls category of the Object Library onto your set.
  3. Choose Horizontal or Vertical as appropriate for this set
  4. Double-Click this wall to bring it into the Green Room.
  5. Click on the Colors, Textures, & State Tab.
  6. Select Walls (all surfaces) in the Parts Choice Dropdown
  7. Click the Apply Texture Button.
  8. In the Open Image Dialog that appears, navigate to the location where the image you want is located and select it.
  9. If the image is NOT already located in a subdirectory of the FrameForge Studio's Textures Folder, then you will be prompted to select which subdirectory of the Textures folder to install it to, then it will automatically be copied for you.
  10. You will then be asked whether you want to TILE (i.e. repeat) this texture rather than Stretching it.  On Windows, you will click NO, on the Mac, click the Stretch button.
  11. The texture will then appear on the wall surface.
  12. Press OK to close the Green Room and return to the main set.
  13. NOTE: If you do NOT see the texture on the wall at this point, then you most likely applied it to the wrong side of the wall and you should rotate the wall 180° to make it visible.
  14. Finally, stretch (or scale) the wall as desired until it is the size you want.

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