How can I choose which Paint Program should be launched from the Shot Manager when I click "Edit in Paint Program"?

From within the Shot Manager, you have the option to paint on top of a snapped shot simply by clicking the EDIT IN PAINT PROGRAM button. On Windows, the default program that will be launched is Windows Paint. On the Macintosh, the default program is Preview which has only very limited image editing capabilities.

In either case, to change the program that opens when you click the Edit in Paint Program button in the Shot Manager do the following:

  1. From within FrameForge 3D Studio, Click on the Tools Menu.
  2. Click Program Options (on Windows) or Preferences (on Macintosh)
  3. Select the tab labeled Slide Show/Shot Manager (Windows) or Shot Manager (Macintosh)
  4. Click the button Change bitmap Editor to be used when you click 'Edit in Paint Program' (Windows) or the button labeled Change (on the Macintosh)
  5. Select your preferred Paint Program, Paint Shop, Photoshop, etc. and click OK.
  6. Click OK to exit the Program Options/Preferences dialog.

Once you have done that you are now ready to edit the shots you have stored in the Shot Manager.

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