How can I get an installation credit back so I can install FrameForge 3D Studio to a new computer?

Question:  I have a question concerning registration. After I registered the product online I received an email informing me that I have 2 more installations left.  Will this count get changed when I uninstall FrameForge? I ask this because I plan to install FrameForge on a new PC I just got.

Discussion:  You've got it exactly. When you uninstall the program, by using the Uninstall program you will find in the program directory, it will "devalidate" that copy of FrameForge on that computer and credit an installation back to our online server thus restoring your installation credit.  That way when you install it on your new machine you will have the same number of installation credits.

Please remember, however, that all installs are for your personal use so don't give them away to friends or colleagues! :)

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